The Board welcomes and invites greater participation by members serving on the various NCAP Committees. All NCAP members are urged to consider volunteering to work on any committee(s) of interest to them. The committees and their contacts are:

Program Committee – is responsible for planning and organizing meetings held each year. The committee develops topics for meetings, contacts speakers, and is responsible for securing an appropriate place for each meeting.  Current members include Drs. Karen Nadel, Vereg Frumer, Julie Stewart, Alison Winston, and Nansie Ross.

For further information, contact Dr. Yolanda Hawkins-Rodgers at lesbazile@gmail.com or Dr. Stewart at drjuliestewart@gmail.com.

Membership Committee – the primary concerns addressed are:

  • To develop a uniform membership application and application procedure for new and renewing members;
  • To develop procedures for welcoming new members;
  • To support NCAP in retaining current members;
  • To reach out to recruit new members; and
  • To develop a membership database.

For further information contact Dr. Linda Glazer at drlindabglazer@gmail.com.

Outreach Committee – is concerned with developing and continuing outreach services to the larger community of Bergen County. The committee has NCAP members available as speakers to address a wide variety of mental health related topics for community organizations and schools. Newspapers and other media are being contacted to help make the community aware of the many resources our association has available. For further information contact Dr. Norine Mohle at nmohle@verizon.net.

Nominations and Elections Committee  – is responsible for planning, organizing and executing the activities related to soliciting members to run for office in the Association, preparation of ballots to be mailed to the membership and overseeing all components of the election process. For more information, contact Dr. Robin Kanen at kanen28@aol.com.

IT Communications Committee – is responsible for the design, maintenance, and continuous improvement of the NCAP website so that it effectively functions as a source of information for psychologists and the public.  Please contact Dr. Brett Bersano at drbersano@gmail.com.